I am Malcolm Rymer, life-long birder, keen traveller and wildlife film-maker.
I have a charmed life - visiting some of the best birding spots in the world to
capture the experience and share it with other birders.

People who are familiar with my work come to expect a particular approach.
I am the antithesis to a twitcher. I take time to study the birds, take in the
implications of the total environment and become acquainted with the local
people. My films act as a travelogue. They document where to watch birds,
how to travel around, give guiding suggestions and a feel for what to expect
in the area.

I offer identification, but try to do more. I aim to bring the opportunities of
an area to life to enable newcomers to decide if this is the place for them
and to plan the visit. Equally I hope that the videos are a source of fond
memories for birders familiar with the venue.
I try to make them accessible to the inexperienced but also offer enough
depth to interest the expert.

I invite you to explore this site to discover the films available and those planned.
I am always happy to hear from fellow birders to share experiences, exchange
advice and perhaps debate contentious ID. I've been known to get it wrong!